52 things to do on a rainy day

För några år sedan fick jag en så fin kortlek i present. På asken stod det "52 things to do on a rainy day", och på varje enskilt kort stod det ett förslag på vad man kunde göra när det regnar. Och vad passar bättre än det idag?

Några av förslagen:

Empty out your kitchen cupboards and count all the packets which are out of date

Start your own recipe book of the simple meals you enjoy to refer to on those occasions when your mind has gone blank

Ring up a loved one and ask them what you can do to help today

Write an article, perhaps about somwhere you have been or something you experienced or something you know about. Try and get your work published with a local or even national publication

Make a special anniversary card

Be romantic for the whole day. If you are stuck for ideas try looking for 52 ways tosay I love you. If you are single go out and set about meeting the partner of your dreams or telling "that person" just how you feel about them.

Sit down and plan the business you have dreamed of. Think of a name, a logo, where you would work from, how you would get started, how it would all work and come together. Start today!

See how many words you can make from the word "choreography"

Det där var ett litet axplock. Det kanske kommer några tips till om regnet håller i sig.

Postat av: Anna-Lena

Många bra tips där.

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